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This site has been commissioned by the U.K. Government's Department for International Development (DFID) and is managed by WISE Development, a global network of independent consultants, mainly women, specialising in enterprise, institutional and social development.


Updated June 5, 2005


Stages and development of the dog: Development of the dog or adolescent puppy

It turns out that the puppy’s adolescence is somewhat similar to that of humans, starts and ends at different ages, depends on the dog and there is no formula for it. Recall that small and medium breeds mature at an early age and large and giant breeds take longer to mature.

Teen dog! The first thing that came to my mind was my teenage years, a little rebellion, hormonal changes, sudden changes in my mood, attraction of the opposite sex, a difficult period. Will this be the case in dogs?

Adolescence of the dog, adolescent puppy

This is a critical stage for your relationship with him. Although dogs eventually outgrow adolescence, what they learn during that time will stay with them for the rest of their lives.Your puppy will be testing you. Here are some important points that occur during the puppy’s adolescence:

  • It is a continuation of the ” stage and development of the puppy “, as we saw in our previous article.
  • Small and medium Dog Breed Index can become adolescents at 6 months of age.
  • Large breeds around 9 or 10 months.
  • Giant breeds around 12 to 18 months.
  • Depending on how soon your dog matures, adolescence ends at about one year of age in older dogs (large and giant dogs), while in more live dogs (medium and small dogs) it ends at 2 o 3 years.
  • Adolescence goes much faster in canines than in people.
  • Excessive curiosity of the puppy towards the surrounding environment, it is appropriate to let it explore.
  • It has a lot of energy and requires a lot of physical activity (exercise and games).
  • The males begin to raise the paw between the fifth and eighth month, and by then the hierarchies are already established, with dominant and dominated dogs.
  • Females have their first cycle at six or seven months, and can start at 18 months in some breeds.
  • It is a stage of some rebellion, where the dog tends to follow his will, so it is important to keep him busy.
  • Small-breed puppies reach sexual maturity, while large and giant breeds occur between 12 and 24 months of age.
  • It reaches its adult height, as well as its weight.
  • Lose your puppy coat.
  • They find learning boring if it lasts too long or is not attractive.
  • They get bored quickly.
  • They can not be controlled when something exciting happens.
  • Their ability to concentrate for long periods of time is really poor.
  • Mental stimulation and good exercise is of vital importance at this age. A tired dog is a good dog and is less likely to cause problems.
  • Mentally, dogs at this stage may have selective hearing, which means they choose to listen.
  • Time, dedication and a lot of patience you will need to educate and correct your dog’s habits and behavior.
  • It is a stage of physical and chemical changes.
  • As the puppy grows his need for rest will be replaced by a need to play, exercise and interact with humans.
  • You should never underestimate the amount of attention a dog needs and some people begin to pay less attention to their dogs once they have reached adolescence.

This adventure of adolescence leads some owners to abandon their dogs, because the dog becomes uncontrollable, destructive or aggressive. It’s not the dog’s fault. Remember that from the moment you decided to take a dog home to be part of your family you have the great commitment and responsibility to watch over him, take care of him, attend to him, dedicate time and attention, feed him, take care of his health, treat him as a member More of your family that you love and love.

Participate and leave us your comments, How was your teenage years? Do you consider that the stage of the adolescent puppy is very difficult? Something that you especially remember from this stage of your puppy to share.

Delivery of photos, new type of business

Enterprising creates new type of business which he called the cab and delivery is instant photo using acclimated photo booths, which can be contracted from 3 hours onwards for all kinds of events and special occasions. The current development of entrepreneurship is that implemented a Photo Booth Marketing, which called Photo Kombi Paraguay.

Crisley Figueiredo, who owns the business, said the service is hourly and takes from 3 hours, paying an advance sign consisting pay 30% of the total value of the service.

Thus, the cabin offers many packages, ranging from G. 1,500,000, for three hours, to a total of 4,350,000 G., up to 5 hours. He added that the Photo Kombi has a package that includes a photobook.

At another point, the miniempresaria mentioned that the amount of investment of the mini-company G. round 60 million, which were used for the purchase of equipment and atmosphere.On the other hand, the entrepreneur said that initially started the business with a cabin made curtains, in August last year.

After a month and a half, and it could acquire the second cabin, but inflatable, and finally, in December last year, began with the Photo Kombi, totaling three modes of mobile photo booths.

Figueiredo explained that the operation of the three cabins is similar and that they have up to 9 people.

” What the difference is that when entering them, people can choose the theme and atmosphere that most appeals, with different styles of party favors that are prepared especially for photo shoots , ” said the entrepreneur. Also, it noted that to take photos using professional cameras and each shot lasts 5 seconds between a picture and another, and thus, in 15 seconds, people already get four photos in a strip.

The miniempresaria also said that within two months will expand the business to Ciudad del Este, as is managing the purchase of a fourth currently cabin, finished.

Starting a business reselling cheap handbags

Riding a resale business bags

Would you like to work with cheap handbags to resell in your city? Then I kept reading that will give many good reasons to invest in this model of low cost business !

Starting a business reselling cheap handbags

The truth is that not everyone has the financial means to buy bags luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton or Carmen Steffens is precisely why resell bags (cheaper) more affordable prices ends upbeing a great opportunity for those who they want to have their own income or start a small business in this segment. Obviously the bags need to have good quality, be fashion items and meet the needs of its customers.

To better illustrate this business opportunity, I have prepared some basic advice about where to buy cheap handbags for resale, such as having success selling cheap bags and how to take the first steps to turn this into their main source of income!

The market for cheap handbags in hispanoamérica

Behind the market of luxury bags and brands that are the dream of many women, there is a lot of small companies that benefit from the sale of cheaper products and not for that, no longer have their charms. Right here in my town there are several shops in a popular shopping street where they sell bags simpler and more affordable, even tend to be very busy in the days of highest peak in the local market.Obviously, these stores are not in the great galleries of sales, but in the streets where people often circulates to buy cheaper products.

It is very common also find several independent resellers who profit from reselling cheap bags, so there is a fairly consolidated behind this market, where you can build a business or an alternative source of income based solely on bags lower price.What sets it apart from other products is only the brand and quality of its material is not as good as a famous handbag brand, however, this does not prevent people to buy, as long as you are sincere in sales and I make it clear at the time of sale, after all, no one likes to be deceived.

Best selling cheap bags

Knowing how to choose the right products for resale can generate better results therefore should observe what women are looking for now and see what economic models are bags that could resell. Bags varnish, for example, are very beautiful and very sold on the market, but the wholesale price is $ 30 to $ 40, so it is a very high value for those who have little capital to invest at this time . For example to buy 10 bags of varnish will need to invest more than $ 140.

On the contrary, there are other good models of cheaper products such as ecological leather bags costing between $ 6 to $ 10, as well as women’s wallets costing approximately $ 5 to $ 15 wholesale. So these are the best types of cheap handbags to resell that tend to sell very well in most places.

Customers of a resale business bags

Bags are accessible products and used by all people, in the case of cheap bagscustomers are middle class and lower . So it is important to focus on products with a more affordable price to be able to meet the expectations of your target audience.Based on this, it is possible to sell their products in two ways: The first is to establish a small shop of subsidies in your city, preferably in an easily accessible and very busy, and the second option is to sell door to door or walking in the streets, so obtaining clients is instantly.

Cheap handbags suppliers for resale

Of course there are numerous suppliers of cheap bags, but as I am not able to name them all here, I decided to highlight only 4 companies I found on the internet and I ended up using as a basis for the creation of this article today. I basically analyzed the types of deals offered prices and conditions of purchase for those who will buy wholesale:

  • ถุงซิป: On the website of this company will be able to find the various types of handbags, wallets, backpacks and other products. All with the wholesale price, good discounts and free shipping on purchases high.
  • http://www.bosanova.es
  • TTPs: //www.bolsoland.com
  • http://www.aita.es

If you do a search on the Web, you can find other examples of shops that sell cheap handbags to resell, and even international as Aliexpress:

  • Ecological leather handbags from $ 6 – http://es.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-eco-bags-china.html
  • Female purses from $ 4 – http://es.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-cheap-womens-wallets.html
  • Bags varnish from $ 5 to $ 36 wholesale – http://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/Fashion-Varnish-Bags-Tassel-Women-Handbag-Shuolder-Bag-Bolsas-Verniz-Femininas-Womens-Brand-Bags-Famous-Varnish/1667387_32284905366.html

Is it profitable to resell cheap bags?

It is very likely that many people believe that resell cheap handbags not give money, but it is certainly possible benefit from them each month, in the end the gross profit margin can be 100% for each bag purchased. So if you buy a bag for $ 15, you can resell it to $ 30. Of course we can not forget the maintenance costs of the business, paying taxes and other details, but it is still possible to obtain significant results.

Businesses that help people lose weight

Weight loss has become a popular topic lately because any increase a few kilos is already thinking of taking some vitamins, food supplements, exercise or even be thinking of doing a rigorous diet just to lose those extra kilos.

For it is indeed this new society is weak and no fat is tolerated , although I have seen cases where exaggerates a little, but finally it becomes worse in summer when everyone wants tolook gorgeous and perfect bodies to show off on the beach, and in particular cases cases of people especially women who want to lose some sizes as long as they have left the dress for a social gathering are.

Anyway industry weight loss has become very profitable for many entrepreneurs and owners business related to the field of health. These take advantage of this fashion trend that makes people follow programs to maintain the line . An example that I found in the newspaper The Sun is the case of a girl of 15 years who already are overweight and that if you do something fast, overweight can become disease and create terrible consequences as chances of heart attack, change their lifestyle completely or even reduce the time expected life. they have not been left with only alert the teenager of the consequences but have chosen to create a picture of how this young girl at 25, 35, 45 and 55 years would from now, if you follow the same trend. this is just one example of how important it is to lose weight, but these and are extreme cases that should be treated by a doctor. Instead there are other cases where people want to reduce some of their measures and for this many new entrepreneurs can take advantage of this niche business to create a new company.  Weight Loss is a company with offices in several parts of the world that is dedicated to help people lose weight, and gives them their healthiest, most satisfying experiences to achieve the objectives. All clients receive a personalized program that includes balanced and balanced meals, custom menu plans and individual counseling. It is this has given positive and successful results of weight loss winning combination. For them weight loss is much more than just a diet, it is a proven system that helps people lose weight quickly without giving up the foods you eat usually. Because this program was developed with the premise that we are all different, more than two million customers worldwide have achieved their goals of weight loss. This is a clear example of a company related to weight loss wins, then everyone can find its own way to start a profitable business related to “lose weight”, but if you do not know where to start you can join the franchise weight loss. instead of having to start your own business from zero, the  Weight Loss franchise can provide a route to success with self – employment and personal fulfillment, it offered:

  • A solid investment opportunity
  • Part of a growing industry
  • A proven program, weight loss with safe and effective method
  • The latest of the marketing and advertising support
  • A program with good training and strong leadership
  • The opportunity to join a company that has a track record of success

For more information about this franchise opportunity you can visit the official website of Weight Loss .

Now if you just want to find a source of information about weight loss then I recommend you visit weightloss.com, a website with resources interesting and tips for a healthy life.

There you will find many tips to lose weight, such as how to talk to your doctor, a method of eating intelligently , motivation to think positive, proposed exercises and a useful tool to calculate your ideal weight .

for more information on how to lose weight can check or visit phen375 acheter en france

The top ten films to understand economics

I know, I will tell you that Wall Street , Margin Call … but not to mention the most obvious and evident. I leave that, in my opinion, are the best films about economy, you can see these movies on Movie4k for the best quality

The Pisito (Marco Ferreri)


If there is a film that, in my opinion, shows with all its rawness and realism the economic difficulties of the underclass to find decent housing , is this. With a splendid mood of the great Rafael Azcona , writer and masterful writer whose work should be a compulsory subject in any Spanish master of economics and finance. Much crisis would have saved us if our country should study Azcona-ism instead of Sunday burbujismo.

‘Nobody’s Life’ is based on the life of Jean-Claude Romand, creator of a Ponzi scheme Grapes of Wrath ( The Grapes of Wrath , John Ford)

Not a movie, a masterpiece of the Great Depression . Each character is a lesson in economy. Evictions, banks, job insecurity, social rights, migration. More relevant than ever.

Nobody’s Life (Eduardo Cortés)

José Coronado is simply unbeatable in this film loosely based on the life of Jean-Claude Romand , creator of a Ponzi scheme with which he deceived all his family and friends. Very necessary for a country with New Rumasa, Natural Forest, Philatelic Forum, etc.

American Psycho (Mary Harron)

Nothing can match the excellent novel by Bret Easton Ellis uses a serial murderer masterfully to describe the culture of greed and excess of the 80 investment banks, brokers and their minions. Christian Bale is huge.

Glengarry Glen Ross (David Mamet)

A great play turned into a beautiful but tough film about the corporate world, competitiveness and real estate. Customers are as important as examples of the miseries of the corporate environment and sellers.

The reporter ( The boiler room , Ben jounger)

Forget Wall Street and the stylistic excesses of Oliver Stone . An excellent film about the culture of the brokers from the perspective of a financial bar.

Game Trading Places ( Trading Places , John Landis)

America, the economic culture of false success, myths and inconsistencies of a whole system masterfully developed by Landis not only in the two protagonists (Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd ) but in a side that explain more about capitalism than many books ( Denholm Elliott , Jamie Lee Curtis , Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche , bright).

‘Office Space’ is the best film about the world of office Crimson Tide ( Crimson Tide, Tony Scott)

It is a manual management and control in 116 minutes. All economic and strategic organization, mistakes and successes, and decisions under pressure. Excellent Gene Hackman as ever.

Be Blood ( There Will Be Blood , Paul Thomas Anderson)

Absolute and very detailed inventory of all segments involved masterpiece on the creation and development of one of the most important industries in the world, the oil, with a critical analysis: industrial, property, religious …

Office Space ( Office Space , Mike Judge)

The best film I’ve seen about the world of an office, the typical characters (the useless boss , Gary Cole , exceptional) and relationships in a demotivating environment. Check Office Space movie here couch tuner.

10 Business Ideas related to pets

If you are passionate about animals and want to turn your passion into the way of living, we invite you check these 10 ideas business related animals and pets.

Furry, curious, what to give dogs for pain, extroverted, energetic and faithful … so are the animals that we daily filled with joy with their occurrences. No need to talk, only to have them around us filled with happiness …

But just as they are able to give us so much happiness, they also need constant care and attention, and this is where all kinds of business opportunities made available to entrepreneurs animal lovers arise. Here are 10 ideas to start businesses in this exciting industry.

business ideas with pets
    1. Cemetery and Cremation Services Pet: When a pet dies it makes sense to give proper treatment to the body. Throwing him into the street or throw it out there you can generate bad odors and pollution.We must also consider that many children would like to say goodbye to their pets giving them a dignified last farewell. In this context, pet cemeteries fulfill a social work of great importance. It is a very interesting business.
    1. Start a veterinary clinic: While it is a somewhat common business, it is also true that small details can initiate an innovative veterinary attract the attention of customers. Consider offering pet health insurance, home delivery, office online and other complementary services, they can make your clinic the preferred market.


    1. Business Clothing Dogs: A rather curious idea but can become very profitable. Pet owners can pay good money to dress them to your liking. Focus on producing clothes that are comfortable, do not forget that the user experience is a major issue these days. It is also important to take advantage seasons as Halloween, Christmas and others to amaze your customers.
    1. Photography Pet: professionally Capture those unique moments lived alongside their pets is a concept that will delight more than one. There are several interesting options in this field advantage, it’s just a matter of having a lot of creativity and learn techniques to take unforgettable pictures.


    1. Store animal feed: The idea is to create a shop where they sell food and accessories for animals.Focus on providing nutritious food to ensure the normal and healthy development of the animals.


    1. Dog diapers: Sounds interesting? Well, imagine how many would be willing to put a diaper on their furry friends instead of cleaning their “business” people. It is a somewhat innovative insurance business interest to more than one.


    1. Pastry Pet: The idea is to set up a business where cakes, candy, ice cream, snacks, birthday ponques and similar products specially manufactured to be sold to captivate the animals. A big challenge, but it is certainly an idea with great prospects.


    1. Hire trained dogs: . A thought for those people who do not have the time to devote to a pet but occasionally want to have the company of a friend who barking allowed to distract some routine business There are several ideas about this business, you just have to put a lot of creativity to design a compelling value proposition.
    1. Luxury Pet Services: It consists of offering services such as spa, gym, hotel, swimming pool, hairdresser, parties, etc. The opportunities are varied and it is a very profitable industry if we find a segment of customers interested in providing unique experiences to his faithful friends.


  1. Wooden houses for dogs: Design and manufacture very creative wooden houses can become a business more than interesting. A great opportunity to combine your creativity and carpentry skills with your passion for animals.

Business Plan gym

Increasing concern for physical appearance and health have triggered demand for sports services companies. Putting up a gym is today one of the options over future prospects for small and medium businesses.

The growing interest in health makes open a gym is a wise option, whenever we have to look at the competition and the importance of customer loyalty. If you’re interested, here’s more information that complements this report .

Everything indicates that the number of athletes will increase because the sedentary life makes us to go increasingly to the gym to move the body.  However, apart from more or less changing motivations, no doubt we can say that we are in a good time to open a private sports center. A statement that corroborates José Luis Sicre, commercial director ofgym Palestra: “Now is a good time to open a private sports facility because the market is very receptive, people think more careful and there is much potential for future growth.”

To succeed in this business , “is essential to choose well the location of the center, have good professionals, have In home personal trainer, an analysis of the sector and provide technical advice as necessary , ” says Hortensia Vigil, president of the National Federation of Employers sports Facilities (FNEID). ” Another business model is franchising , to advise, not only in the organizational aspects, but also in the internal management of the center, based on previous experience and benefit from a global brand image. Another possibility is to have the services of specialized consultants who are responsible for carrying out sectoral studies, supply and demand, key to the success of the installation , “says Vigil.


Beware competition

Before mounting a sport center, it is essential to know where to find the nearest public sports centers, as well as their pricing and services. It is also more convenient approach to city councils and consult their urban plans if they are to build more public facilities in the area over the next five years. It is also advisable around the neighborhood to detect existing private facilities and meet its offer, its audience and its trade policy, in order to differentiate them with greater assurance.

Faced with competition from multinationals, José Luis Sicre recommended to observe the market reaction and be willing to change if necessary, but with serenity, and insisting on our competitive advantages. “In a free market, competition among enterprises is constant, but while remains within an open framework, which has more skill, capital or capacity is triumphing,” says Vigil.


Customer Support

Besides those mentioned, other aspects that must be taken into account when mounting agym they are:

  • Define your customers well. In the Municipal District or municipalities can request the census of the population, in order to determine what will be the target audience for this installation. It is important to know if there are many shops in the area, to design specific activities in the closing hours of these shops. Businesses also can be addressed with special offers, as there are many potential customers, and also very faithful who make you publicity among your coworkers. To attract customers, the price factor can be critical because most do not distinguish a product from others, although this is only determinant in terms of competition arising.
  • Search the recommendation. According Hortensia Vigil, “is very important to create and maintain customer loyalty, constantly renewing, making the customer feel happy and giving us what we demand, the more so when longer it takes us. Thanks to good management, the client will not only have a reiterative consumption but will tip commercial launches in the expansion of the business, will run the word of mouth “.Meanwhile, Sicre believes that boredom is one of the “beasts of gyms”, they see how it goes decreasing their number of partners as we move through the year. “To avoid this , many sport centers that offer a more advantageous annual fee if you are going to pay for months or quarters. Others, such as Palestra, have chosen to install a system, Technogym System, which allows recording on an individualized record user performance; thus based remind your progress, you are encouraged to continue going to the gym “.
  • At last. It is not only essential to have appliances that are more in vogue, but also offer the latest newcomers US activities. The latest fashions are personal trainers, that despite its high price (around 30 Euros / hour, apart from the monthly fee), are having a great reception among the partners, who get better results in less time.

Top 10 tools for online project management

In the business world there is a growing tendency to work with remote computers, many of them freelance . When you work with remote computers online , once you realize that emailis not a suitable tool. The main reasons are:

  • It does not allow you or not easy to keep the necessary level of information and communication.
  • traceability of discussions, comments lost …
  • Not allow an assignment and tracking of tasks.
  • You can not manage deadlines, milestones and resources.
  • You can not share documents online .
  • You can not follow the progress of the work or dedication of efforts.

Therefore, there is a boom of best online project management software in a collaborative fashion, which provide instant communication and allow work in a shared environment and updated information.These applications can be grouped into two main groups: those that help manage tasks ( to-do list ) and that manage projects. In this post we share with you the 10 best project management tools online that we have analyzed. The main features provided by these tools are:

Try Wrike: fast, easy, and efficient project collaboration software

  • Exchange files in real time or not
  • Notifications
  • Track deadlines
  • Cost Tracking
  • Management CRM Customer Relationship
  • Billing
  • Wiki version management and development: Git and / or SubVersion
  • Chat, real-time conferences


1.  ACTIVE COLLAB ActiveCollab  is a very easy and intuitive tool. Very agile, the project manager creates milestones and tasks and assigns them to team members. From there you can maintain communications and notices, and exchange files conveniently. It also allows towrite and respond from your mailbox without being in the system.activecollab2

2.  Assembla Assembla is an ideal tool if we talk about management development projects.The key element is the ticket system that are assigned to each team member. Each ticket includes detailed information such as the level of complexity and working hours. Noted for its features Reporting , including reports useful for managing deadlines and resources. At first it is not as intuitive as others – requires an initial time of formation, but has many tutorials. It is very good to work following agile development methodologies such Scrum .assembla2


3.  BASECAMP Basecamp is probably the most simple and intuitive. It has a sleek design, its visual interface to quickly review discussions, tasks and files. It also includes a time-lineand a calendar. You can answer threads from the email (without accessing system).basecamp2


4.  Central Desktop Central Desktop is a good tool in the cloud. Its main advantage is that it is very work – oriented real – time, offering instant messaging, document editing online and real – time web conference.centraldesktop2


5.  CONFLUENCE Confluence is a tool designed to facilitate the exchange of documentation, information and files. It provides a high level of organization for large projects or organizations. Also notable for its integration with Microsoft Office.confluence2


6.  Kapost Kapost is a software management publishing perfect for bloggers and writers working in collaboration. It is a living virtual publication where users can present a concept for approval by an editor. There are three types of users: editors, contributors and subscribers. Publishers can approve, assign and reject the ideas presented. Kapost also has a built – in payment by mail, very interesting especially when working with a diverse team and a performance – based payment system feature. What brings Kapost is that itmakes its users to focus more on the concepts, increase the quality of content. It’s like a real news room where people participate in a brainstorming session .



7. producteev Producteev functions as a list of tasks online that warns in real time what is going through the mail, instant messaging or iPhone. Team leaders can create a virtual workspace, invite collaborators, create tasks and assign them to people, add deadlines and productivity generate the report.



8. TEAMBOX Teambox is, like BaseCamp , one of the most easy and intuitive to use. It is very useful for organizing collaborative projects. It helps you easily manage the importance and priority of tasks., And allows users to send updates on the progress of the project.



9. TeamLab TeamLab is a free platform for business management of small and medium size. Working with TeamLab is like having a social network in the company can create blog posts that the entire company can see. It also has other social features, such as advertisements, surveys to collect public opinion, and many others. Members can even start their own discussions in the forums, and any member of the company can follow the activities or topics that interest you. Another notable feature is its internal chat.



10. TIMEDOCTOR Time Doctor is a tool focused on the time control. Includes an optional screen to monitor remote employees, automatically generates daily reports, keep track of the websites and applications that are used. In short, it lets you track and monitor user actions on your computer. For tighter with each euro you pay, Time Doctor is your tool.


Mauritius Hotels with meeting rooms for business

If you’re planning a business trip to Mauritius, Mauritius, and looking for a hotel with meeting rooms, we have more than 117 to choose from . Discover our fantastic hotels for business from 3 to 5 stars. You’ll love its spacious meeting rooms and numerous conference services. Search and compare for business meeting rooms in Mauritius. mauritius villas for rental, with our easy booking system online, with detailed descriptions of each of the 117 hotels, as well as opinions from real customers Venere and special deals for business travelers. You can book hotels in Mauritius that have a variety of benefits, such as meeting rooms and conference rooms of various sizes, centers open 24 – hour business secretarial services and interpretation, event planners, banquet halls and more. You will find everything you need to make the event your company in Mauritius, Mauritius is a success.

We have ideal hotel for business in downtown Mauritius and near major corporations and larger hotels with conference centers on the outskirts of this city of Mauritius, where you can hold conferences, events and training courses in beautiful surroundings. Check out our great deals for business in Mauritius and offers week or us. Venere.com has 117 hotels for business in Mauritius, each with a unique atmosphere and various services to meet the needs of your business trip to Mauritius. Find a hotel has never been easier thanks to interactive maps and simple search engine that allows you to view and compare hotels quickly, easily and comfortably. If you see a hotel for business in Mauritius that interests you, please indicate the dates of travel and number of guests to see if available , and then I’ll beyou can book! In Venere.com’ll find a long list of opinions to give you an idea of how the hotel is and what other customers of their services to companies think.

To see what offers each of the 117 hotels for business in Mauritius, reads the corresponding description, where you will find details about the location and services, and consulting other sections with information on transportation, policies and summaries of services. With all this information, compare it easier than ever. Each room has its own description and photos so you can see exactly what you get before booking. Check out the photo gallery of the hotel to see what is inside and outside. You can choose the type of bed and easily see which includes the price of the room. For the best deals, look for services such as wifi, breakfast and parking, as well as additional services at no cost. All this information, along with a simple booking process in 3 steps, allow you to organize your business trip in Mauritius, Mauritius, in the blink of an eye.

Business idea with little investment: Losing weight and slimming online

In recent years there has been a much greater emphasis on the importance of living a healthy life. Many people want to get in shape and lose some weight and you may be able to help them lose weight and lose weight while earning some money. This will involve weight loss and training and creating a broad base of knowledge that will serve as a reference point.

The knowledge base will be the main motivator and include success stories of your customers. It will be freely accessible and as such should be seen as one of its main tools in the business of promoting Pastillas para Adelgazar and slimming . Its revenues come from consultations of groups that can take place through a variety of media such as video, communication via email, social networks or call. The additional revenue will be generated through the affiliate product to lose weight and lose weight , natural weight loss pills or help videos to lose weight .

– Skills needed to start this business:

To start a business of weight loss and slimming online you need to have experience in personal training and nutrition or have the experience of working as a fitness instructor. If you have a personal success story about your own experience to lose weight , this will help tremendously when promoting yourself . Since you’ll be in direct contact with the general public you must have excellent communication skills and be an accessible person. In addition, you must have the basic skills of web publishing in order to update your website.

– Business environment and implementation:

There are no barriers to internet training even this type of business can overcome language barriers at international level with due assistance of translations and interpreters in the major languages. This is a business with very little initial investment, only an acceptable computer and start up a good development of the website and a good hosting, you would need to start. It would also be useful to have a digital camera so you can take pictures of some of your local customers through their weight loss regimen.

– Marketing techniques for this business slimming online:

– Participate in programs pay per click of popular search engines
– Exchange with other websites
– offer discounts to customers who are able to convince their friends to become customers
– launch a mailing list with a lot of content oriented diets
– Send articles about weight loss and Pastillas para Adelgazar to health magazines online forums and include a link to your knowledge base and services .

In addition there are other commercial activities that you can implement and combine in this business to lose weight:

– Create recipes online healthy food and diet low in calories.
– Create an online community of people with overweight.
– Commercialize fitness equipment.
-Create A online journal or blog on weight loss and slimming .
-Sell Dietary products online as : dietary supplements, weight loss shakes, supplements sugar, anxiety relievers, vitamins, etc.

Economy, Finance and Accounting

1. Definitions

Economy refers to the amount and type of goods produced by labor, partly for immediate consumption, and partly to the creation of new products and means of production, or improvement of existing ones. Men and women work different numbers of hours with different effort, dedication and efficiency, resulting in different amount and kind of goods they produce. This distinct production is compensated, with or without justice, for the quantity of goods made available to each. Goods that can be partly consumed and partly allocated to the production of new and better products and means of production.

For the purpose of facilitating the exchange of goods, consumption and production by some others, it has been used as intermediate goods metals, especially silver and gold, from the dawn of civilization and until recent times. Hence the name silver, or money arabica, which today is mostly virtual part and a small proportion of paper money. This well-broker allows a mathematical representation of the economy and finance, applying a number, the weight of metal that are paid, hours of work and the goods produced.

A second-order mathematical representation of the economy, accounting, obtained by attributing ownership of money and money value of consumer goods and production people, real or legal.

These mathematical representations of the economy help study and planning, in the same way as the maps, which are distorted representations of the earth, study and help plan trips and works on the surface of the earth. But we must not forget that neither the maps are accurate and unique representation of the earth or finance or Online bookkeeping services, are about the economy.

2. Economic, Financial and Accounting Meaning of Saving

Any employee or capitalist can decide how much of your salary or earnings will use immediately in the enjoyment of consumer goods, and that part save for future consumption or invest in companies that increase their income. From an accounting point of view saving it is individual and belongs to the depositor, who may dispose of it freely.

From the financial point of view, saving employees and capitalists, is collective. The is the only source of capital necessary for the construction of new industrial facilities, and for the creation and improvement of products and means of production. That is, capital that creates workplaces, increased production of new, improved and cheaper products into the reach of more consumers.

Also, from an economic point of view, saving is collective, and is expressed in renunciation of those working in the production of consumer goods, a part thereof, in favor of working on the creation of new media production, and improve production in the future, and those who because of their age have stopped producing. From here, that from the economic point of view and financial savings is collective, and of prime importance, as the only source of resources for the creation of new jobs, and raising the standard of living of all socio layers economic.

3. Cost of Retirement

Apparently employees pay only part of the cost of your retirement, some of which is paid by your employer. From the point of view accounting this seems to be the case, since the portion paid by the employer undiscounted appears the “salary” paid by the employer in exchange for work provided by the employee. But from an economic and financial standpoint, no separation between the parties paid by the employee and the employer no meaning. From the economic point of view, the salary is the amount of goods that is given to the employee to enjoy in the present or in the future, as a reward for their work. Therefore there is no essential difference whether the employee saves by itself, or by a pensionary insurance, or if the employer, instead of giving the employee part of his salary, deposited directly into a savings account, or in a pension fund in your name.

4. Who pays income tax Employees

We have seen that the cost of employee retirement, which appears divided between employer and employee in the accounting representation is the financial representation and economic reality paid entirely by the employee. Here we find the reverse: The income tax, which in the accounting representation appears as if paid by the employee in a socially just, increasing proportion to the amount of his salary, and exempt from tax low wages, is in economic reality and its financial representation a consumption tax.

By calling on income tax, it appears in the accounting representation as part of the salary paid to employees. He is therefore part of the cost, throughout the chain of production materials, machinery and services involved in the production of the final product. Being part of the cost of production, it is logically part of the price paid by the consumer. In the financial representation, the price paid by the consumer is divided by the net salary paid to employees, which the government and capital gains is carried along the said chain. Therefore it makes no difference to call income tax from employees, tax on employers, or as it really is, consumption tax. He is paid by the consumer of the final product, with the exception of investments that fail to repay the invested capital. In which case it becomes wholly or partly tax investment.

Which is, therefore, reason to call income tax? This name gives people the impression of a fair tax. Almost all the people pay it, which earns more, pays more, and only the poorest are exempt. Called tax the employer, it would seem a fine to employ, aimed at increasing unemployment, and give capitalists the merit of being only they, and not all the people who pay the cost of the work it does and services provided by the government. If you call him, as it really is, consumption tax, or revenue minus savings clearly see that those who earn less are those who pay a higher percent of their income. Since it if they can save something, it’s just a girl of their meager income, intended to be consumed in old age.

5. The Meaning Accounting, Financial and Economic Committee for Socio-Economic Difference

From an accounting point of view, the socio-economic between the different layers of society, difference is expressed by the difference between the respective gross income and is usually spotlighting the left press in their headlines. From a financial point of view, the socio-economic difference is expressed by net income, or the amount made available to the recipient after deducting the income tax in its various forms: positive or negative, bonuses, subsidies and reductions in public services. The difference between the accounting and financial assessment increases as you go up the socioeconomic scale, and becomes negative in the lower layers, main beneficiaries of the tax to negative returns in its various forms.

While from the economic point of view, the socio-economic difference is expressed by the share of each stratum in the enjoyment of the fruit of collective work, or the difference in consumption. She is therefore expressed by net income, after deducting savings and all the positive and negative taxes gravitating consumption.

The first question provoked by the economic expression of the socio-economic difference is: To what extent the contribution of different socio-economic layers to the government budget is on account of their consumption or their contribution to collective savings? Savings needed to ensure increased workplace, and creating new products and means of production, for the improvement and cheapening of production.

There are good reasons to suppose that as you go up the income scale, the influence of taxes on the portion of income for consumption is reduced, and increases its impact on savings. Since all the needs and desires of luxury and splendor of the upper strata, they are already widely met with a small portion of their income. Since the socio-economic lower layers are the main beneficiaries of increased workplace and cheapening of production, it is doubtful whether they are enjoying or worst affected by subsidies and bonuses paid to savings account.


It is important for any entrepreneur depth knowledge of the market you want to target.But above all, know what they want their potential consumers. For companies that use the famous market research .

Tools that aim to better understand the needs of our customers and their problems so that we can act accordingly.

Market studies are therefore facing very useful in defining the characteristics of good business for our idea, but in turn are difficult to carry out. Especially if you do not have a good budget.

Today, however, I will not go into how to do market research, for that you need to read this article:  how to do a market study if you have no one Euro .

My goal with this post is to give you some guidelines for you to be able to design your own, a good survey for your market research .


Let ‘s be practical, the most important market research is to make a good questionnaire and selecting a good sample to which direct our questions .

Why? Because both depend on the quality of our study.

And we want to study quality is high so that the information is relevant and take good decisions with that information.

What happens is that we are not entrepreneurs and experts in surveys, questionnaires and market research.

So … here are some items to consider for your survey:

  • Make an exploratory session evaluation of your idea: First of all ask a group of 8 to 12 people who seem them your idea. In this way you can meet other views and consider ways in which you had not fallen before making your survey.
  • Prepare well fieldwork: Objective and target customers. That is define the group of people whom you are sending your questionnaire to conduct market research well.Not the same ask ladies 65 years a 14 – year on video games.
  • How many people have to interview: At least need to get 40 responses from a sample universe to consider valid or robust any conclusions obtained from the analysis of the results of your survey. Although there may be exceptions.
  • As I perform the questionnaire: it is advisable to consider one of these techniques to collect information: telephone interview, personal interview, online survey, focus groups, Surveys for cash, market test … etc.
  • Properly design your questionnaire is vital to design a good questionnaire, it willdepend largely on the quality of market research.
  • Analyzes the results obtained with the questionnaire: once obtained answers is essential to analyze the results with a statistical tool.

Of all these points most relevant to our entry today it is to design a good questionnaire.Let’s look at this point more deeply do you think?


To design a good questionnaire for a market study there is no universal recipe.

The most important thing is hit with questions . Here is a series of simple guidelines for writing them :

  • First it indicates which is the objective of the survey so that the interviewee be clear
  • Keep a simple and simple language all the time
  • Create several blocks of questions. Ideally are 3 or 4 blocks
  • Make the most simple questions at first
  • Do not make more than 5 questions per block
  • For each beam open question 5 closed to prevent the respondent have to try too hard
  • Avoid ambiguity.

Remember: Semantics is more important than statistics. What we want are answers!

Let’s talk about the types of questions.

There are two types of questions: open and closed. The first aim to obtain qualitative information on the respondent and the latter seek to obtain quantitative information.

Closed questions may be:

  • Dichotomous: only worth two answers yes or no
  • Multiple answer this have several alternatives to choose from . They can be exclusive if only worth an alternative or several alternatives
  • Ponderativas : they used to obtain value judgments asking the respondent scores from 1 to 5.
  • Filter: These questions to another question previously used to eliminate those respondents who do not need to answer the next question.

Based on the information we get, we can classify the questions in different blocks:

  • Intended use of the product or service
  • Price
  • Purchase intent
  • Description of Attributes
  • Competition
  • Promotion and distribution

It is important to choose the questions to obtain relevant information for us.

The ideal is to go straight to what we want to know starting with closed questions at the end leaving some open questions to learn more about the views of users.

If you care about most it is to know the prices or how to promote your product focuses 80% of the questions in these areas. And the rest use them to find information on the competition, purchase intent, description of attributes, competence and intended use of the product … for example.

Regarding the number of questions you should do , keep in mind that the larger the number of major questions are likely to abandon the survey.

So try to make a small especially if this is online questionnaire. In this case less is more.


Nothing we will have designed a perfect questionnaire, but we can send it to anyone.

Then I will explain how you can launch your questionnaire to a relevant sample of people.

Well let’s see what alternatives we have:

  • Google Docs : is perfect as long as you already have a database to which you send your questionnaire. It is completely free and easy to use. It allows you to design your questionnaire and receive the results on the same interface.
  • Feebbo: it is a good alternative for those who have no database that direct the survey. It allows you to use and segmenting a base of contacts to send the survey.That if you have to pay for each response obtained.
  • Survey Monkey: What I like about this tool is that it has a bank of questions you can select when you do not know to ask.
  • Easy survey: This is a surveying service much like Survey Monkey
  • Typeform : a generator is perfect for mobile and tablets questionnaires. Very handy for an amazing visual result.
  • Limesurvey: this is a free application you can install on your server. It is somewhat complex to handle facilitates although much of analysis of the results. It is best that the worst is free is that you need your own database and is somewhat complex to set up .

Any of these tools are a good alternative that conduct and analyze the survey results of your market research.


If you were to take a business today probably I stay with Feebbo or Monkey Survey by the ease of use and affordability. But this is a decision that should take you depending on your circumstances. Of course, if the price and simplicity are the most important factors for you, then choose Google Docs. Yes, as long as you already have a database to send the questionnaire but I fear not usually the case when you are starting …

Make a good questionnaire for a market study is one of the most complex things that exist in the field of market research. So if you think this surpasses you, do not hesitate to contact experts in the field.

But above all, do not throw you with your new business but you have completed your study. It is not a matter of taking unnecessary risks.

The best films of economy, business and finance  


List or collection of movies with economic, financial or business world background. We have assembled the best known and emblematic of the genre films with the consult of movie25(sometimes not so). Have we forgotten any?

1. PI (1998)

Max is a brilliant mathematician who is about to give the most important discovery of his life: the decoding of the number system that governs the apparent chaos of the stock market. But first you have to find the value of the IP number. As he approaches the truth, and periodically affected by a brutal headaches, Max is harassed by an aggressive Wall Street firm and a Jewish sect that seeks to decipher the secrets hidden behind the sacred texts. All are eager to appropriate the imminent discovery of Max.

2. The Capital  (2012)

Marc Tourneuil (Gad Elmaleh) is a cynical bank employee, a sector that is in economic crisis worldwide. From nowhere, Marc begin an unstoppable ascent into the intricacies of the world of banking to become one of the most powerful and influential people in the country.
3. The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) returns home after serving time in prison, but the illusion of seeing his people becomes frustrated at how expel from their lands.To escape hunger and poverty, the family has no choice but to embark on a long journey full of hardships hoping to find an opportunity in California, the promised land.
4. Too big to fail (2011)
Adaptation of the bestseller by Andrew Ross Sorkin tells how the economic crisis broke out in 2008 and how the powerful acted at such unexpected situation. The story focuses on Henry Paulson (William Hurt), Secretary of the Treasury, and conflicts between Wall Street and the US government.
5. Wall Street (1987)
Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is an ambitious young stockbroker who managed to finish college thanks to his efforts and his father (Martin Sheen), mechanic and head of the union. His greatest desire is to work with a man she admires, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), an unscrupulous individual who has made himself and that soon has managed to amass a fortune in the world of the bag.Thanks to his insistence, Bud gets introduced into the inner circle of the almighty Gekko, and began to collaborate with him in his business and inversione
6. Margin Call (2011)
Chronicling the lives of eight workers in a powerful investment bank during the 24 hours before the start of the financial crisis in 2008. When Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto), a novice analyst, reveals data that could lead the company to ruin, a cataract of both moral and financial decisions that produce an earthquake in the lives of those involved in the impending disaster strikes.
7. Madness Dollar (1932)
Tom Dickson has been for 25 years the loyal and honorable president of a bank.Before the stock market crash, the board snatches power and demands the return of loans. An unscrupulous bank employee and an alleged theft of five million dollars put his career and his marriage to the brink of disaster.
8. Rogue Trader (1999)
Nick Leeson, an employee of Barings Bank (McGregor) in 1995 revolutionized the financial system in Southeast Asia. He was sent to Singapore to work on the futures market of Barings Bank, a reputed bank with two centuries old. Although it was considered the best employees, he robbed the bank huge amounts of money to cover the losses of its financial operations, but there came a time when the volume of embezzlement was exorbitant
9. The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)
Film based on real facts New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). In the mid-80s, Belfort was an honest young man who pursued the American dream, but soon learned agency values the most important thing was not to win customers, but be ambitious and earn a good commission. Its huge success and fortune earned him the nickname “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Money.Power. Women. Drugs. Temptations abound and fear of the law was irrelevant.Jordan and his pack of wolves considered that discretion was an old-fashioned quality; never content with what they had.
10. The Informer (2000)
Seth has left school and has set up an illegal casino at home. His father, who is a judge, does not see too well this occupation, and this causes new tensions in their relationship, already tensing. Everything seems to change when a customer Seth offers to work as a stockbroker. However, soon you will see that all is not gold that glitters. It is an attractive world in which the great part are young and ambitious. But in the business of financial speculation loyalty odds with ambition …
11. Entrant (2007).
Acidic satire of modern society. Martin Circus Martin, the lucky winner of greater competition in the history of television, receives a prize valued at three million euros. However, Martin stroke of luck will turn his life turning into a nightmare.”A stroke of luck … can ruin your life”
12. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Ajetradas chronicles the lives of a Chicago real estate agents trying to survive in a highly competitive world and a market in full depression. Despite the situation, always they react with few scruples and admirable solidarity.
13. Tucker, a man and a dream (1988)
Preston Tucker is obsessed with the idea of creating a revolutionary car for its time, that is powerful, fast, streamlined and to be brought forward in design to what should be the car of the future. His desire to succeed led him to seek help from his family and face the giants of Detroit series production.
14. With Other People’s Money (1991)
Larry Garfield (Danny DeVito) is an unscrupulous man who loves money above all else. Wall Street is known as “Larry the Liquidator” for his ability to seize the business of others. His next target is the company of a 81-year patriarch (Gregory Peck) who, to retain their business, hire the services of an ingenious and beautiful lawyer who has so many scruples as Larry.
15. Assault on Wall Street (2013)
An average New Yorker who loses everything with the financial crisis of 2008, because of his misfortune to Wall Street bankers, and places aim of his revenge …
16. Trading Places (1983)
Two businessmen holding different thesis on the conditions of human nature.For one it is a matter of genetics, to the other is a matter of education. To corroborate their theories make a bet for which change the destinies of two socially antagonistic people.
17. The International: Money in the shade (2009)
Interpol agent Louis Salinger of (Clive Owen) and Manhattan District Attorney Eleanor Whitman of (Naomi Watts) are determined to bring to justice one of the largest banks in the world. Uncovering a myriad of illegal activities, Salinger and Whitman follow the trail of financial transactions carried out from Berlin to Milan, from New York to Istanbul, in a high-risk persecution internationally, putting their lives in danger
18. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
Sequel to the popular 1987 film “Wall Street,” set 20 years later. Once released, after serving a lengthy prison sentence, the implacable shark finance Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is disoriented in the world who once dominated.Looking rebuild their ruined relationship with his daughter, Gekko meets by chance Jakob (Shia LaBeouf), her fiance. Together they plan to support each other: Gordon Jacob to help avenge the ruin of his mentor, and he will try to Gordon and his daughter reconciled.
19. Fraud (Arbitrage) (2012)
The magnate Robert Miller (Richard Gere), both perfect portrait professional success as a family, appears always accompanied by his faithful wife (Susan Sarandon) and her daughter and heiress (Brit Marling). But in reality, Miller is water neck: urgently need to sell all his empire to a major bank before found to have committed fraud. In addition, unbeknownst to his wife and daughter, has an affair with a French art dealer (Laetitia Casta). When it is about to shed its troubled empire, an unexpected error forces him to face his past and his double standards.
20. The Company Men (2010)
Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) has a good job, a great family and a spectacular porsche in the garage. When, unexpectedly, your company decides to downsize, he and many colleagues remain unemployed. His superiors (Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones) can do little to help, because they have not secured their position in the company. Bobby will then have to rethink his life and his role as husband and father.


About 65% of companies confesses not having invested in hardware and software over the past three years. And more than half admit that the level of computerization is not suitable to grow your business. In this context, only four out of ten companies have a high level of digitization of their processes. These were the main findings of the “Survey on the level of Your Business Digital processing enterprises in Argentina” by the Chamber of Software and Services (CESSI).


The study collected the vision of the CEOs of the major sectors of industry and revealed that despite this state of affairs 84% confident that the new technologies will change the business model of its markets. In this sense, the prospects for improvement of investment in technology are positive: in 2017 eight out of ten expect to bet on the technological renovation of your company.


The new report Cessi ensures that a third of companies have outdated website. This latest trend increases as decreases the size of enterprises: nearly 43% of microenterprises did not address update it, followed by small (29%), medium (32%) and large (11%) . In addition, sales in e-commerce platforms have an interesting space to grow as two out of three Ceo admits to not use them to increase their income.


The report also showed a gap between smaller companies in the adoption of commonly used software for strategic business management. While only 18% of the girls used ERP platforms which serve the enterprise resource planning – among the largest in this figure rises to almost 70%.


Furthermore, half of those surveyed said that does not use the CRM software to manage customer relationships. And this same proportion confirmed that no direct recourse to any software for product development and services.


June 2005

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