Clean workspaces increase productivity by 68%

Less stress, more time to work

People don’t realise the impact that cleanliness has on our ability to work.

In the same way that housewives can do more when there is less work to do around the home, employees can work more efficiently in a clean environment.

Your workspace says a lot about how productive and focused you are.

You cannot be productive if your workspace is unkept.

How can workspaces get messy?

  • No adequate cleaner or professional staff
  • Old hoarded or stored items
  • Builder’s waste/repair or construction works
  • Flood damage
  • Pest infestations (ants, rats, mice) with the need for pest cleanup services

Throwing away all waste

The best way to ensure your workspace is clean will be by removing all waste.

This means any waste that your business produces.

This can range from loose pieces of paper to unwanted computers monitors.

Looking for a rubbish removal site does not have to be complex, instead of simply searching for “removals near me“, you can choose Rubbish Clearance Limited who perform office and workspace cleaning services across the UK.

messy office

How does a clean work environment make you more productive?

There are a variety of ways in which a clean workspace can increase productivity within the workplace.

  1. A clean place to work reduces the number of illnesses.
  2. Employees will have an increase in their ability to focus.
  3. There will be less time for staff to clean, which will provide them with more time to do their work.
  4. The amount of stress that employees have will be lowered.
  5. Company morale will be improved.
  6. Businesses will increase their profitability as a result of the positive changes.

Clean out your work environment

You cannot reach your full potential of cleanliness if your workspace looks untidy.

When cleaning out your workspace, there are a few simple things you can do first.