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Reversing the Paradigm: Quanitifcation and Participatory Methods - update

May 2004







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Tool Box Resources
  • Shoestring Evaluation: Designing Impact Evaluations under Budget,Time and Data Constraints
  • Impact Evaluations When Time and Money are Limited
  • Intra-household Impact Assessment: Issues and Participatory Tools
  • Participatory Action Learning in Practice: Experience of A Rapid Review of ANANDI, Inda
  • Reversing the Paradigm: Quantification and Participatory Mehthods
  • Grassroots Action Learning: Impact Assessment for Downward Accountability and Civil Society Development
  • Thinking it Through - Using Diagrams in Impact Assessment
  • Participatory value chains analysis for pro-poor enterprise development
  • Empowering Enquiry
  • Project Management Cycle
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Quantitative Method
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Participatory Methods
  • Sampling
  • Common Methods in Impact Assessment
  • Social Accounting - a Method for Assessing the Impact of Enterprise Development Activities?
  • Summary of Key Issues in Impact Assessment
  • Selecting Indicators
  • How Do We Find Out? Issues in Collecting Information
  • What Do We Do With the Information? From Practical Solutions to Influencing Change

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